Last Friday, students from Adharshila School had an exciting adventure visiting the Narayanhiti Museum. This special trip took them to a place filled with stories from Nepal’s history.

As they entered the museum, the students were amazed by its grandness. The building itself looked like a palace, showing off Nepal’s rich culture. With the help of friendly guides, the students went on a fascinating tour through different rooms of the museum.

One of the coolest parts was getting to see where kings and queens used to live. The rooms were decorated with fancy furniture and beautiful gardens surrounded the palace. Students also got to see old things like ancient books, clothes worn by royals, and special items used in ceremonies. Each item had a story to tell about Nepal’s past.

During the visit, students learned about important events in Nepal’s history. They talked about how Nepal became a democracy and the end of the monarchy. These discussions made them think about what it means to be a leader and how our country has changed over time.

The museum visit also made students proud of their Nepali culture. They saw how diverse and special Nepal’s traditions are. Doing fun activities and seeing things up close helped them feel connected to their roots.

After an exciting day, the students left the museum with big smiles and lots of new knowledge. They realized how important it is to remember and celebrate Nepal’s history. With their hearts full of memories, they returned to Adharshila School, feeling proud and ready to learn even more.

By Ghising

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