Bhatbhateni Department Store Faces Allegations of Revenue Fraud

Bhatbhateni Department Store Faces Supreme Court Verdict on Revenue Fraud: The Supreme Court has upheld allegations against Bhatbhateni Department Store, accusing it of engaging in revenue fraud through the use of counterfeit VAT bills.

The full bench, comprised of Justices Kumar Chudal, Tek Prasad Dhungana, and Bal Krishna Dhakal, reaffirmed the store’s guilt in manipulating revenue. The decision follows a review petition filed against the court’s earlier verdict from 2076 BS, which had initially found Bhatbhateni guilty. The store is now held accountable for defrauding the government of approximately 13 crore rupees by issuing fake VAT bills totaling 3 crore 85 lakhs within a year. The Supreme Court’s ruling extends culpability to other businesses associated with Bhatbhateni, including Bhatbhateni Super Market and Departmental Store, Arun Intercontinental, Shankar Gas, Mahesh Baniya, and ITE Pralila.

Despite Bhatbhateni’s plea for a reconsideration and denial of the allegations, the court’s decision remains firm, imposing fines and imprisonment for owner Min Bahadur Gurung. Bhatbhateni is now obligated to pay both revenue taxes and fines as per the court’s judgment.

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