Nepal Stock Exchange

Nepal Stock Exchange Sees Normal Decline

On the first day of trading this week, a normal decline was observed in the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) index. Today, the NEPSE index settled at 2,061.70 points, a decrease of 31.90 points from the previous closing point.

In today’s trading, a total of 927,582 shares of 372 companies were bought and sold 70,990 times, resulting in a total turnover of NPR 2,167,027,272.21. Among the notable changes, Development Bank showed a negative change of 66 basis points, Financial Group decreased by 40 basis points, Investment Group declined by 9 basis points, and Non-life Insurance Sub-index increased by 51 percent, while other sub-indices experienced a decrease.

Nepal Stock Exchange

The sub-indices of many other groups declined by 4 basis points, and the Life Insurance Sub-index decreased by 54 percent. Unique Nepal Microfinance’s share price hit a positive circuit today, whereas the share price of Women’s Microfinance Financial Institution decreased by 37 percent.

Based on the transaction amount, Himalayan Reinsurance Limited had the highest turnover with NPR 33,058,032.80. In terms of the number of shares traded, Nepal Infrastructure Bank Limited had the highest number of shares, with 525,058 shares bought and sold.

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