The ‘Lock-in’ period of Greenlife Hydropower is set to expire on February 19th

Kathmandu: Greenlife Hydropower Limited has set February 19th as the expiration date for the ‘lock-in’ period for founder shares, local residents, and employees. After the lock-in period, the founder shareholders, local residents, and employees who have held the shares will be eligible for trading. The company had conducted a share lock-in on February 21, 2021, for the general public.

Following this date, a provision has been made for the founder shareholders, local residents, and employees to hold their shares in the lock-in for up to three years. The company currently has 1,440,000 founder shares, 103,600 local resident shares, and 69,928 employee shares under lock-in.

Individuals serving on the management committee and those in higher positions within the company are not allowed to sell their shares, as per the information provided by the company.


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