Nepal’s Securities Exchange Board (SEBON) approved Sarbottam Cement Limited’s IPO, marking the first instance of an IPO under a book-building system in the country. The company is set to issue 36,00,000 shares to the public at NPR 360.9 each, raising a total of Rs. 1.29 Arba.

Initially, 24 lakh shares were allotted to Qualified Institutional Investors (QII). The ‘cut-off price’ for QII was set at Rs 401, and common investors can now acquire shares at a 10% discount, i.e., Rs 360.90 per share. A minimum of 50 units and an investment of at least Rs 18,045 are required to participate in the IPO. Managed by Global IME Capital, the issuer rating for Sarbottam Cement stands at BBB+ according to ICRA Nepal.

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