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Starting Today, you can submit applications for NIBL Stable Fund


Kathmandu: NIBL S Capital has opened the sale of a new mutual fund from Tuesday, 2nd Magh. The total unit sales for the ‘NIBL Stable Fund’ have been set at 10 crores, with a special allocation of 1 million units for the plan managers at NIBL S Capital.

Additionally, 14 million units have been secured for Nepal Investment Mega Bank as the custodian. The remaining 85 million units are open for the general public. This is a closed-end scheme, and applications will be accepted until Magh 5. In case all units are not sold by that date, the sale will continue until Magh 16.

Interested individuals can apply for units at a rate of Rs. 10 per unit. The application process allows for a minimum of 100 units and a maximum of 10 million units. Investors can fill the units through the medium of C-ASBA. NIBL S Capital is responsible for the sales management in this scheme.



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