Technical Issues Ground Nepal Airlines’ Wide Body Aircraft

Kathmandu : Nepal Airlines’ wide-body aircraft has been grounded due to technical problems. Passengers bound for Doha are now facing travel disruptions. According to the spokesperson of the airline, Ramesh Paudel, the flight control sensor of the wide-body aircraft experienced issues, necessitating the suspension of flights.

Currently, the grounded aircraft is undergoing technical maintenance. Passengers affected by the disruption have been arranged alternative flights to their destination scheduled for this evening. The spokesperson mentioned, “Yesterday night, passengers of the Doha flight were held due to technical issues. We have prepared to send them to their destination through an alternative flight at 7:45 PM today. Passengers are instructed to arrive at the airport by 4:00 PM.”

One of Nepal Airlines’ four international flights, a narrow-body aircraft, is currently undergoing maintenance in Israel. Technical problems with the airline’s aircraft have previously led to flight disruptions. Two narrow-body and two wide-body aircraft are allocated for international flights. The preparations for the Kathmandu to Doha flight have inconvenienced 276 passengers, who were accommodated in a hotel overnight awaiting their rescheduled flight.

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