Ukraine says they have taken down a Russian spy plane

Ukraine has claimed the downing of a Russian spy plane, offering a positive development amid ongoing challenges. Reports suggest Russia deployed North Korean-made ballistic missiles, KN-23 rockets, near the Ukraine border. The missiles, weighing 7,500 pounds and carrying 1,100-pound warheads, marked a significant escalation in Russia’s nearly two-year war on Ukraine. The use of these missiles, violating international sanctions against North Korea, underscores Russia’s disregard for rules. Ukraine, facing limited air-defense capabilities, struggles to counter the KN-23 attacks, with potential consequences for the conflict’s dynamics.

The recent missile attacks targeted Zaporizhzhia in southern Ukraine, a city lacking Patriot cover, highlighting vulnerabilities. Despite challenges, Ukraine’s asymmetric responses, such as targeting Russian rear-areas, face limitations in munitions production and reliance on allies for weaponry. The U.S., a key ally, has been slow to provide substantial support, facing opposition in Congress. Russia’s increasing use of North Korean-made missiles poses a severe threat, leaving Ukraine with few options for a robust counter-response without stronger backing from its allies, especially the United States.

By Ghising

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