Nepal Stock Exchange

The Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) recently added the shares of two companies, Vision Lumbini Urja and Chirkhwa Hydropower, that had recently issued their initial public offerings (IPOs).

For Vision Lumbini, NEPSE listed 6,875,000 units of shares. The initial trading range set by NEPSE for the first transaction was between Rs 121.78 and Rs 365.34. The stock is now identified by the code (VLUCL).

Similarly, NEPSE also listed 4,000,000 units of shares for Chirkhwa Hydropower. The opening range for the first transaction was set by NEPSE at Rs 100.01 to Rs 300.03. The stock is now identified by the code (CKHL).

In simpler terms, this means that the shares of Vision Lumbini and Chirkhwa Hydropower are now available for trading on the Nepal Stock Exchange, and investors can buy or sell these shares within the specified price ranges. The assigned codes (VLUCL and CKHL) make it easier for investors to identify and trade these stocks on the exchange.



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