What efforts is Nepal making to save wildlife?

Nepal has made significant efforts to conserve its wildlife, recognizing the importance of biodiversity for ecological balance and sustainable development. One key approach has been the establishment of a network of protected areas, including national parks, wildlife reserves, and conservation areas, covering about 23% of the country’s land area. These areas provide critical habitats for wildlife. Additionally, Nepal has implemented community-based conservation programs, involving local communities in managing natural resources and wildlife. This approach has helped reduce human-wildlife conflicts and improve local livelihoods. Nepal has also collaborated with neighboring countries like India and China on transboundary conservation initiatives to protect shared wildlife species and habitats. Efforts to combat poaching have been strengthened, including through improved law enforcement, deployment of wildlife rangers, and use of technology such as camera traps and drones. Conservation education and awareness programs have engaged local communities, schools, and tourists in wildlife conservation efforts. Nepal conducts research and monitoring programs to assess wildlife populations, identify threats, and develop conservation strategies based on scientific evidence. The country has enacted laws and policies to protect wildlife, such as the National Parks and Wildlife Conservation Act and the Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan.

dead cooper’s hawk lying on the side of the road next to a patch of grass

Nepal also participates in international conservation initiatives and agreements, such as CITES, to address wildlife conservation at a global level. Despite these efforts, challenges remain, including habitat loss, poaching, human-wildlife conflicts, and climate change. Continued commitment to conservation efforts, along with addressing these challenges, will be crucial for the long-term protection of Nepal’s wildlife.

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